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I Hate Stairs

The stairs are tough. For everything. Think I am a lazy no good ol’ woman? I am not. In fact, I am quite young, but I hate the stairs all the same, and I mean everything about them. I hate that I have to clean them every so regularly and that they are quite a nick of trouble to clean. Forget all the advice about how climbing the stairs makes you lose your weight. When you are trying to lug a good vacuum cleaner up the stair as you try to clean them, you will lose more than your weight. You risk a fall, and you could lose your life, or break your back. Who wants that?


But someone has to clean the stairs and being the woman of the house, that someone is always me. However, I do manage to cajole my husband to clean them for me from time to time. However, I am the one doing the cleaning more than 90 percent of the time.


Now, one thing that I have learned over the time that I have been keeping a home with pets is that the stairs can harbor a lot of dirt. With my husband being allergic to cats, we would always wonder why he would suffer from difficulty in breathing whenever he took the stairs. The reason was that the stairs never got cleaned thoroughly and therefore the dust mites, pollens and cat fur that it collected over time would mostly stay there, waiting for the next allergy victim.  


My tussle with the stairs had gone for far too long until my husband convinced me to search online whether there are vacuuming machines that have specifically been made for cleaning the stairs. Although I was skeptical at first, I later thought why not, seeing as there is almost something for every type of cleaning need for the home.


You can imagine my happiness when I visited http://bestpethairvacuum.reviews/cheap-under-100 and found out that indeed, there are vacuum cleaners for stairs. How thoughtful of the manufacturers! How sweet of them! As I did some reading around, I found that these vacuum cleaners are designed to be able to get to the sharp corners on the steps and that they can suck all the dust-out, completely.


Again, a vacuum cleaner for the stairs must be light to carry along. They should also have a long power cord if they must come with one or better yet, you can just buy one that is battery powered and does not have entangling cords.


Look for a highly reviewed vacuum cleaner with powerful suction. You do not want to keep repeating cleaning the stairs as you leave patches of dirt behind. Again, you also want a maneuverable cleaner that can do all manner of cleaning, not only for the stairs but the rugs, car upholstery and any other tight places that need vacuuming from time to time.


Well, it seems as if there is quite a lot of things to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner for the stairs as you can see on this website http://bestpethairvacuum.reviews/. However, it should not give you sleepless nights. Just choose one of the two vacuum cleaners that I have reviewed here for you. I have used them, and I love them.


Shark Navigator NV352 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator NV352 Vacuum Cleaner

It is an upright vacuum cleaner, no one wants to bend on the stairs. Being a lift-away model, all that you need to do is press a switch to lift the canister and then you can remove it when you get to do the stairs. It is light and has HEPA filters that trap more than 99.9 percent of allergens, dust, mites and pollens.



Light in weight

Swivels around easily to reach all nooks and crannies

Has a cord hook to keep cord organized

Adjustable suction

Small nozzle head allows you to clean around furniture legs easily

A quiet vacuum cleaner

Washable filters

Long cord – 25 feet



So light it topples over when you set it down upright

Bulky canister that is hard to maneuver around furniture


Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaner cordless

Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaner cordless

This is one of the lightest vacuum cleaners in the market and it will help you make your hose clean from the floor, up the stairs and every corner of all rooms. You can remove the wand if you like and use it as a hand-held vacuum cleaner. This is a cordless vacuum cleaner whose battery can last a good twenty minutes.



No cords to entangle around things

Very light

Center of gravity near the grip for easier cleaning upwards

Can clean all types of floors

Gets all pet hair from carpets and other floors

Bristles stretch from side to side of the head for faster cleaning



Battery runs out fast

You cannot change the battery


A time comes when like me, you have to make a hard decision, either get rid of your beloved pet who has so much become a big part of your family, or live with the discomfort of a pet-induced allergy. This is what I was facing recently when we got a cat from an online pet store. A beautiful Persian cat that we named Biscuits. However, when my husband who had been on a business trip came back, the cat sniffed him, in that curious way that only cats have, and then …


Achoo! Achoo! And the fireworks that follow that… watery eyes, scratching, redness of the skin and the unending sneezing followed. At first, we could hardly figure out what was happening. Thinking he had caught a serious cold, I took the nearest blanket from the couch, and I nearly killed him. I did not know that the cat had slept on the blanket earlier, and left some of its fur and smell lingering behind. I can tell you that by the time the ambulance arrived, what had started as mere sneezes had turned into wheezing and eye-popping worries for me and the kids. Only the cat looked dapper.


Now, allergies are the leading causes of long-term diseases in the USA and elsewhere. It is thus very important for you to know what an allergen to your family members is before you expose them to it. For example, had we known that my husband was allergic to cats, we would not have adopted one, but as it turned out, we already did and we had to live with it.


But we found a way to live with the cat and keep daddy safe too. It was not easy, but it was a tough call and so far, everything has worked according to plan. From making all the living spaces non-pet areas, buying canister vacuum cleaner from petallergyvacuum.guide to get rid of all the pet hair and pet dander from our carpets and wooden floors, I can say we have done a good job.


Our family doctor advised us that it was possible to keep our pets and stay allergy-free. However, it would take time and commitment, but that way, we would be happier, and we are. He also told us that pet-induced allergies are not isolated case, but that millions of US citizens have them, and in fact, even many die each year from the same.


But as it now turns out with the advancement in home keeping technology, no one should suffer any serious complications from allergies. The most important thing is to discover the allergen, then do something about it. You can also find out a few ways in which to prevent a provocation of an allergic attack.


There is medication, immunotherapy, pet isolation and so many other proposed methods for preventing allergic attacks on account of pets. As for me, I have decided to isolate the pet as much as possible by designating Biscuit’s living area and training him to keep to it unless called.


However, it is hard to keep him contained all the time and therefore, I have also added regular cleaning exercise for my home to the list of things I must do.


To get rid of the cat allergens, I use canister vacuum cleaners. Check this out to see what I mean.


Here are two of the best that I have actually fallen in love with. I own both.


Bissell Zing canister vacuum cleaner, bagged

Bissell Zing canister vacuum cleaner, bagged

This is for pet owners with allergies. It has features like a carry handle, a multi-surface cleaning nozzle that can be used on tiles, carpeted floors, hardwood floors and others. It has a long cord and a housing unit for the cord such that when you are done cleaning it retracts back to its unit.


Good for tall people
An adjustable metal wand
Powerful motor
Comes with a bag and it can last several good months
Quieter than most vacuum cleaners
Has filters that enhance the lifespan and operation of the motor


Can be loud in higher settings
The attachable trash bags are costly


Hoover Bagged Canister Vacuum, Quiet Performance SH30050 – Corded

Hoover Bagged Canister Vacuum, Quiet Performance SH30050 – Corded

This canister vacuum cleaner is built with wonderful swivel technology that allows it to swivel around things to get to all corners and crannies. There is great suction control, with all of five speeds to choose from. It is perfect for allergy control because the HEPA filter is able to trap 99.97 percent of dust mites, microns, pollens and dirt.


Can remove embedded dirt
It operates quietly
Multi-type cleaning nozzle ensures cleaning for all floors
Cleans up carpets thoroughly
Can suck close 99.97 percent of allergens like mites, pollens, dust and more
Weighs little –easy to move around


Built of too much plastic
Head might come off exposing the wiring